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Storing Pellets

A Question often asked by many of our customers;

Where can we store the tons of pellets that we will order for the heating season?

Of course this is a great question because like many of us we tend to keep our garages and basements packed full with lawn tools, storage boxes, lawnmowers and of course snow blowers.

When making your decision think about convenience,  what would suit your needs the best.  You want to have easy access to to them so that you can bring them inside for use in your pellet stove.  We all know that New England winters can be brutal with blizzards and spring can still be cold enough that you will want to use the Pellet stove to heat your home.

Pellets are just compressed wood and the way they are packaged are in pretty tough plastic bags.  You can easily store them outdoors close to your home as long as you cover them well with a tarp or plastic weather proof material to avoid moisture entering into a possible snag in the bag.  As long as you are diligent about keeping them covered you can store them outdoors.

Choosing the heater that is right for you?

A question that is usually thought of when you are trying to decide what heater is right for you.  How do we know what type of heating product to choose?

At Stove King our hearth specialists gather information from our customers to help them make the right decision on their stove purchase.

Before you set out on your journey shopping and collecting information on what the industry has to offer ask yourself a few of these questions.

  • Where will your hearth product go?
  • Do you have an existing fireplace or stove?
  • How much of your home are you wanting to heat by this appliance?
  • Are you making the purchase just for looks or for warmth?
  • What fuels are accessible to you?
  •  How much do you want to spend?

At Stove King we can help answer all of these questions.  We will help guide you  making  sure that your stove purchase is one of your best decisions.

Hard vs Soft Pellets

As we approach this years heating season another question often asked by our customers …..

Which is better to use Hard Pellets or Soft Pellets?

Hopefully this information will help.

Top quality pellets can be made from either hardwood or softwood.  Hardwood logs are drier than softwood logs and the low moisture contents results in a cleaner hotter burn. However in the manufacturing process the moisture is reduced in all logs.  Cellulose the wood fiber itself is left behind and has the same heating value whether it is hardwood or softwood.  Resins has a higher heating values than Cellulose and the resin content tends to be higher in softwood logs.  As a result softwood pellets tend to burn hotter and faster.  The main factor that impacts the quality of wood pellets is the ash content.   Low ash is a result of using clean wood and a quality manufacturing process, not the type of wood that is used.  Ash content is noted on most pellet bags so make sure you check out what is listed and use that to make your decision in your purchase.

Side note:  We use and sell Cleanfire pellets in our stoves at our Stove King store location.   Visit or for more information.

Get Your Heater Started Before The Cold!

Here is a tip from our technicians here at Stove King, give your appliance a test run, make sure you are prepared for the inevitable COLD weather that will be at our door shortly. We are encouraging our customers to run their appliances, clean and inspect them before it is GO TIME.

Weather your dealing with wood, pellet or a gas appliance maintenance is very important before you fire them off for the season. Sure some appliances such as gas are a bit easier to prepare, than lets say wood or pellet however each type needs to be checked over.
Starting with Gas products. it is always important to open the glass door, clean off the window and check over the burner. Watch out for any spider webs or other impediments on the burner. often this type of debris can cause sooting within the unit.

Now for Pellet products. Have you done your annual cleaning this year? Every pellet appliance out there encourages there users to have a annual cleaning done. Here are some key points. Clean your firebox, this is the area where your pellets burn in the burn pot. make sure you pay a lot of attention to those heat ex-changers. then follow up with cleaning combustion and convection fans. and lastly the vent pipe. If your like me and your burning through at least 3 to 5 tons of pellets a year that adds up to a tremendous amount of ash.

Finally Wood products. Please be sure to have your chimney swept. Cleaning the flue from last years creosote build up is a must. If you had a chimney fire last season, please be sure to have your chimney inspected by a certified chimney sweep. Often a chimney fire will destroy the integrity of your flue. Shovel and vacuum your firebox, then put the finishing touch on by cleaning off the door glass.

Lastly Fire em up…. Make sure the blowers igniters and anything else is up to snuff and ready to heat you for the winter. Remember a clean stove is a happy stove!
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