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2018 Woodstove Changeout Program

The Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out program, a partnership between MassCEC, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Energy Resources, offers rebates to assist Massachusetts residents in replacing non-EPA-certified wood stoves with cleaner, more efficient EPA-certified wood or pellet stoves.

Standard rebates range from $1,000 to $1,750, depending on the emission levels and type of stove purchased. Continuing the state’s effort to make clean energy accessible to more Massachusetts residents, the program offers residents who meet certain income requirements that will also receive rebates up to an additional $1,500!

The Mass Changeout Program ends August, 2018 so call us anytime at 860-774-6100 to see how much of rebate you can receive!

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Up to $300.00 Tax Credit with Purchase of a Wood or Pellet Stove


tax credit with purchase of a wood or pellet stove

Wood or Pellet Stove Tax Credit.


Looking to purchase a wood or pellet stove this year, take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit. Our sales specialists are eager to speak to you about this years federal tax credit making your purchase that much more affordable. Stove King has a full service dealer that can install and service your pellet or wood stove. Our service territory includes from Boston Massachusetts to all of Worcester county and Northeastern Connecticut. Below are some facts and bullet points about this great offer.

  • May be claimed on your 2015 or 2016 tax return
  • A $300 dollar-for-dollar tax credit for purchasing a qualifying biomass stove
  • Only covers 75 percent efficient (or greater) wood and pellet stoves

Q: What is the Biomass Stove Tax Credit?

Answer: This federal tax credit encourages people to make energy-conscious purchases that improve the energy efficiency of their home. It is a $300 dollar-for-dollar tax credit for purchasing a qualifying biomass-burning stove between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016. Biomass simply means the stove uses wood or pellet fuel.

Taxpayers may claim the credit on their federal income tax form. The credit is a reduction of total income tax at the bottom of your return of $300. This tax credit is a non-refundable tax credit available for individuals who pay taxes and who make energy-conscious purchases to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

Q: How can I claim this tax credit on my tax return?

Answer: Paper Filing: The credit can be claimed on IRS Form 5695 on line 22a (Residential energy property costs — Energy-efficient building property). More detailed instructions regarding completion of this section can be found on the IRS’s website.

Electronic Filing: If you are using tax filing software such as H&R Block or TurboTax, the credit will be found under the “Credits” section of the Federal portion. For example, H&R Block users in 2014 could find the credit under the “Home Ownership” section under “Credits” as the first option, “Residential energy credit or credit carry forward (Form 5695).

Massachusetts Woodstove Change-out Program 2016

Woodstove Change-Out Program

Stove King is proud to announce that we are participating in the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Woodstove Change-Out Program for 2016.  This program aims to replace old non-EPA certified woodstoves with qualifying wood or pellet stoves.  Through this program you may receive a rebate up to $2500.  To qualify for a change-out the homeowner’s existing stove must first be operational, Non-EPA certified and built by a woodstove manufacturer.  Homeowners may not apply directly for the Rebates under the Program. The rebate shall be treated as an instant discount from Stove King to the Homeowner at the time the purchase is completed.  Stove King has to complete the change-out by removing the old non EPA-certified stove, disable and recycle the old stove, install the new stove, and submits an application on homeowners behalf.

Contact either our location in Danielson CT  or Medford MA to determine if your current stove is eligible for replacement.  A qualified sales associate will help you select a new stove that is right for your home and determine the project costs and rebate value that you could qualify for.   Don’t wait till winter is upon us. You only have until August 22,2016 to apply for the program.

Any questions please give us a call at either location Danielson CT 860-774-6100 or our Medford location 781-395-4808.

A complete list of details can also be found at

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Design and Evolution of the Linear Fireplace – Yesterdays vs. Todays

FireplaceX 6015 Linear Fireplace

FireplaceX 6015 Linear Fireplace


Not that long ago linear fireplaces were only considered for ultra modern taste. This along with many other misconception are now changing. First, what is a linear fireplace? Linear is defined as referring to length or forming a straight line. And both definitions apply directly to a linear fireplace. These fireplaces are longer than they are tall and come in varying lengths from three to the sky’s the limit. The other unique factor in a linear fireplace is that the burner is one long line of fire.


is that they are for decorative purposes only, and in the past that would be correct. Typical units didn’t have blowers and were not designed for efficient heating in mind. That has all changed, linear fireplaces today come in a wide array of BTU outputs and some can be outfitted with a blower.

Our favourite linear fireplace on the market is the Fireplace Xtrordinair 3615 HO, 4415 HO, and the 6015 HO. It offers three sizes and btu outputs to suit any size space. The Fireplace X models comes standard with twin blowers and the full function GreenSmart 2 remote control. This remote controls flame height, blower speed, accent light, and more. It also acts a thermostat for hands free comfort. Visit the Stove King store in Medford Massachussetts for a closer live look.

One of the other huge benefits to these models is the varying media and fireback choices available. These options allow this unit to be just as  well suited to a traditional styled home as a very modern one. You can choose multiple colors of glass, rocks, or a driftwood log set for your media.   You can also choose between painted black, ledgestone, black porcelain enamel, or a stainless steel fireback. This flexibility means you are sure to find a look you will love. Come check out what makes these Fireplace Xtrordinair linear fireplaces the best there is at our showrooms located in Medford MA and Danielson CT.

Fireplace Glass, Functionality and Safety.

fireplace glass

Our Stove King customers in Medford MA and Danielson CT often ask a very specific question, “why does my gas fireplace, stove or insert have to have glass”. Todays appliances are designed so that the glass is as unobtrusive as possible, ensuring a great view of the beautiful fire contained inside. There are many benefits to your hearth having fireplace glass on your gas stove, fireplace or insert. lets start with safety, by having glass the gas and combustion are completely contained no gas or contaminants have the opportunity to enter your home. Another benefit is efficiency, most appliances today utilize direct vent technology. Direct vent means that the appliance draws fresh air from outside the home, as well as exhausting outside. The glass keeps heated room air from being drawn outside and keeps cold drafts from entering the home. The glass from also transfers a large amount of heat from the fireplace into the room. Todays appliance are designed so that they are efficient heaters even with no blower. Stop by one of our store locations in Medford, MA or Danielson, CT to see our full line of Fireplace Xtrordinair, Lopi, and Avalon gas products. They all incorporate direct vent technology offering you and your family top efficiency and safety.

Gas Hearth Products

Todays post is going to be all about gas hearth products. This means appliances that can burn either natural gas or propane. Most products come standard in natural gas and can be converted to propane. We will discuss vented and vent free and the different types of gas hearth products offered and their uses and benefits.

Vented or Vent free

This is a tough decision a lot of consumers must make. They both have their merits and applications.  Direct vent is by far the most popular and for good reason. It is efficient and provides beautiful vibrant flames. Direct vent vents exhaust gasses outside as well as bringing in fresh air to use for the combustion process. This makes these units extremely safe and ensures that your air quality will remain high. For all of the reasons above direct vent is the way to go for the vast majority of consumers.

Vent free is also not without its benefits. Vent free systems typically approach 99% efficiency and because no venting is required the installation costs are reduced and the locations the units can be placed increase. Now for the bad news. Vent free definately isn’t for everybody.  Vent free is a little bit misleading as it does vent it just vents into the home. This does produce moisture and some people may be bothered by the odor. Having CO detectors is an absolute must with vent free. Vent free products are best suited for occasional use and not for a primary heat source.


Gas stoves are a great option for many consumers. Typically these units mimic the look of a wood burning stove. They come in styles ranging from traditional cast iron designs to clean contemporary units. The benefit to stoves is they require no construction or framing to install and typically have a high btu range that provides great heat.


Some call these units zero clearance fireplaces. These units look like a real wood burning fireplace without the need for a real chimney. They are very aesthetically pleasing and have incredible looking fires. These units do require some type of enclosure. They can be built in to a wall or into the room or there are cabinet mantels that can house them.

The range of design choices today are endless. From a fireplace that looks like it belongs in a castle to a ultra modern fireplace that the fire comes through glass, there is sure to be a unit to fit everybody’s taste. These units range from low heat models to units capable of heating large areas.

Fireplace Inserts

This type of hearth appliance is probably the most misunderstood but also the most useful. A fireplace insert requires an existing wood burning fireplace to be present. So if you do not currently have a fireplace that you can burn wood in then this is not the product for you. There are many benefits to a insert. They have a much higher efficiency than a drafty open fireplace.Typical open fireplaces actually end up removing heat from the home.  And because they burn gas there is no mess and lighting a fire is as simple as pressing a button.  The design choices are endless so they will fit into your homes decor. Fireplace inserts can heat from a small room to a large portion of your home.

Gas Log Sets

A gas log set also requires you to have an existing wood burning fireplace. This product is best suited for the consumer that is looking for a great looking fire without the mess of wood. Gas log sets do provide some radiant heat into the room but heat output and efficiency is not their primary goal. The best part about a gas log set is your fireplace look remains the same.

As you can see there is a gas hearth product for every situation imaginable.  They make a great addition to the home and add lots of value. Hopefully soon you will be enjoying the warm glow of the fire.

New Location, Medford Massachusetts Servicing the Metro Boston Area

Stove King is proud to announce that we have opened a second location in Medford, MA.  Our new Metro Boston Location is easy to find, right off of Interstate 93 North exit 32, you can’t miss us. As a full service hearth dealer, we can help you find the perfect heating appliance for your home whether you need a gas fireplace or insert, a pellet stove, or a wood burning stove.  We have a fully trained staff to answer your questions and a service team to clean, diagnose problems, order any parts you need, and install your appliance.  We are also a Sunsetter Awning dealer with a service team to help you choose the perfect addition to your outdoor area.  If you need assistance, please give us a call at 1-781-395-4808.

signmedford store

Peoples Choice Award

The Lopi Cap Cod won the People’s Choice award!!!

The Cape Cod is one of 14 finalists in the Wood Stove Design Challenge, the first international competition to build an affordable, cleaner-burning wood stove. The competition was launched by the Alliance for Green Heat, an independent non-profit organization.

This is such an awesome honor and the best part is Stove King is a Travis dealer. We are very fortunate to be able to sell this product to our customers. Come visit us and learn why this stove is the Peoples Choice.