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Wood Burning Stoves

There is nothing quite like the smell and instant cozy feeling you get when you enter a home or building that has a wood stove burning. Many homeowners prefer wood stoves for that reason. With our New England winters and the price of oil consumers have to decide on alternate sources to heat their homes. Over the years the Wood stove manufactures have built their products to be more efficient with fuel consumption and heat distribution. At Stove King we offer a wide variety of wood stoves and fireplace inserts each with unique styles. With our product lines we have no doubt that you will find that perfect wood stove. Come in and visit our store and talk over your current heating situation. Let us help you decide on the right wood stove to meet and fit your homes needs. Here is an example of just one of the outstanding wood burning products we carry at Stove King.


Lopi – Cape Cod

Lopi is excited to introduce the Cape Cod as the world’s cleanest burning, large 3 cubic foot firebox, cast iron stove in the world. The Cape Cod features elevated craftsmanship and Lopi styling as well cutting edge Hybrid-Fyre™ technology. The combination of Lopi’s advanced secondary combustion with catalytic assist is what creates this unique and ultra efficient Hybrid-Fyre™ technology.